Linden Lutheran Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019
God loves everyone!

Music Director

Bill White was named Worship Leader at Linden Lutheran Church in June, 2009.
Bill grew up in London, Ohio where he attended the Pentecost Temple of Faith. His pastor Rev. Homer Holsinger was a mentor and played an integral part in his faith journey.   Bill became a Lutheran when he learned of Luther’s teachings and the importance of grace through faith while at Wittenberg University. Bill met his wife Lecia while she was on a ministry team called “Youth Encounter”. They were married in the Chapel at Wittenberg on January 7th 2006.
Then Bill also met another mentor PK as he calls him, Pastor Karl. Bill feels blessed to have met such a wonderful man of God.  And is excited to share this ministry with him. He is now on a new journey with Linden Lutheran church as they endeavor to “turn around” and make Linden a vibrant congregation once again.   
  Bill uses as many types of music as he can to help the congregation grow closer to God. He invites you to come along with us on an ever changing journey of faith!
You can visit his website at: