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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Via De Cristo

Via de Cristo trains leaders

By Paul Swinehart

(Please see below for upcoming Columbus-area retreat dates)

On the fourth Tuesday of each month a Via de Cristo Ultreya meets at Linden Lutheran. It is a reunion of Cursillistas.

The Ohio Lutheran Via de Cristo Secretariat sponsors six weekend retreats each year to teach more about the love of God and about our savior Jesus Christ. Persons have attemded are more likely to become leaders in their home churches.

Via de Cristo is patterned after the Catholic Cursillo ministry, which has its roots in the Catholic Church in Spain. After World War II, Spanish Catholic priests were concerned that Catholic men were not attending church regularly.  They planned a three-day retreat to renew men’s understanding of Christianity, with emphasis on Grace.

The plan was so successful that it was expanded for women and has spread throughout the world. It came to Mexico and from there to the U.S.  The first Ohio Via de Cristo weekend was held in Canal Winchester at David Lutheran Church, in 1979. Since then, 134 weekends have been held in Ohio, with attendance by more than 2,100 men and women.

After attending a weekend, Cursillistas meet in small groups called Reunion Groups, usually weekly. They discuss their piety, study and action and their plans for the next week. Then, the Ultreya (Spanish for onward) is a monthly reunion of reunion groups.

Cursillistas learn on the weekend that they should influence their daily environments for Christ. They are taught how to make a friend, be a friend and bring the friend to Christ. They learn more about God’s amazing grace. At the Ultreya, they relate their experiences.

The Greater Columbus Ultreya meets here at 7:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month. You are invited. You need not have attended a weekend to attend Ultreya or to meet with a reunion group. The Ultreya is attended by groups from a number of churches in the area.

If you confess Jesus Christ as your savior, you are invited to attend a weekend. There is no charge. Lodging and meals are furnished. A free will offering is taken. Please call the office at Linden Lutheran Church, 614-262-4420, for more information.

The weekends are held in two locations. The Cum Cristo Center is a former
school that has been remodeled especially for Via de Cristo weekends. It is maintained by the Roman Catholic Church and is rented for four weekends per year. It has good meeting facilities but does have stairs. St. Leonard's is a newer facility and is handicap-accessible. It is also a Roman Catholic retreat center. There is one set of stairs that includes a wheelchair ramp.

Upcoming Via De Cristo weekends, 2010:

     For men:

  • October 21-24, 2010               Cum Cristo Center, Columbus
     For women:
  • Nov. 11-14, 2010                  Cum Cristo Center, Columbus