Linden Lutheran Church
Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Head Start

Head Start helps little ones

By Paul Swinehart

Head Start, provided by the Child Development Council of Franklin County, is one of the groups meeting in Linden Lutheran Church. It provides an early learning experience for children ages 3 to 5. Mattie B. Jones is president & CEO.

Staffed by six specially trained adults, classes are held five days a week, serving 68 youngsters with early learning in health, nutrition, facilities and administration. Subjects tackled are reading, math, social studies and science. That sounds like a heavy load for toddlers. But they love it.

Classes are half day. Half of them meet in the morning and the rest after lunch. Head Start means they are better prepared to enter into the Kindergarten programs of the local school systems.

The children are evaluated to provide them services in speech, hearing, physical screening and nutritional health.

The children and their families are offered services in support and community referrals, assistance with job placement, nutritious meals, health screening, and school readiness activities.

Head start is free. Those who apply for their child will need a birth certificate, income verification (pay stub, OWF letter, or letter from employer), and current immunization record. There are limited spaces and limited transportation opportunities. So, parents are urged to apply early.

For information or to apply, call 614-221-1709.