Linden Lutheran Church
Wednesday, January 23, 2019
God loves everyone!

Sermon for Sunday

The Word of the Lord

   Each Sunday in the worship service we hear the Gospel read. It is taken from the first books of the New Testament and includes the history of the birth of Christ and his teachings. Most Bibles print the direct quotes of Jesus in red. Much of his teaching is in Parables.

   Following are the Gospels that will be read and will be the text of sermons for the month of August. Folks who are not able to attend Sunday services can participate in their own worship by reading them on Sundays.


   The Gospel for Sunday, August 4


Luke 12:13–21                       In God's reign, the "rich will be sent away empty." Jesus uses a parable to warn against identifying the worth of one's life with the value of one's possessions rather than one's relationship with God.



   The Gospel for Sunday, August 11


Luke 12:32–40                       Jesus encourages disciples to invest their hearts and live fully into God's reign. Instead of facing life with fear, those who know God's generosity are always ready to receive from God and to give to others.



   The Gospel for Sunday, August 18


Luke 12:49–56                       Jesus delivers harsh words about the purifying and potentially divisive effects of obedience to God's call. The way of the cross often leads followers to encounter hostility and rejection, even from those they love.



   The Gospel for Sunday, August 25

Luke 13:10–17                       Jesus heals a woman on the sabbath, offering her a new beginning for her life. When challenged by a narrow reading of the sabbath command, Jesus responds by expanding "sabbath work" to include setting people free from bondage.